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Hedging Services

Hedging Services

We offer hedging services in a wide variety of products including oil & gas, metals, grains, softs and currencies.

Our team is dedicated to provide bespoke solutions to producers and end users, assisting them in making decisions on how to manage their risk. Depending on the unique circumstances, we use a variety of strategies including the use of futures contracts, options, options on futures contracts and swaps in the overall context of market conditions, leverage and cost considerations.

Our main goal is to maximise the effectiveness of the client’s participation and use of the futures markets in the risk management process.


Changes in commodity prices can have a substantial impact on the competitiveness of a company. We have the experience to support clients with the complexities of developing a hedging strategy. We have a strong track record in providing hedging strategies in the energy and metal markets.

Foreign Exchange

Through our comprehensive range of FX products and innovative services we offer you expert support for all your company’s international business needs. We provide advice on a variety of hedging solutions including FX swaps, FX options and flexible forward transactions..