Asset Management

Discretionary Management

We are a dedicated and experienced team

that offers customised discretionary investment solutions, combined with a high degree of transparency on portfolio construction and investment decisions.

Our approach brings together an independent investment strategy, a rigorous investment process and a broad range of implementation options, enabling us to construct risk-focused portfolios designed specifically for private, institutional and corporate wealth management clients.

Our team provides clients with a rigorous asset allocation process; both in terms of the critical initial positioning across asset classes and more expedient and timely tactical trades.

Our Discretionary Management Service gives clients access to a broad universe of investment assets. These range from equities and bonds to investment funds and hedge funds.

We can draw from the full spectrum of investment solutions to construct customised portfolios that reflect the unique investment objectives and constraints of our clients.


Investement Advisory

  Our Discretionary Mandates: the choice is yours

  The Discretionary Mandate Offering is all about you: Your individual needs, financial objectives and tolerance for risk set the guidelines in designing your discretionary mandate portfolio.

  In partnership with your relationship manager, your specific needs will be heard so that an investment strategy that meets your bespoke requirements can be defined.

Third party managers

Investement Advisory

  The discretionary mandate with funds ensures professional management of your assets within the framework of the selected investment strategy based on the best investment funds worldwide.

  Using sophisticated fund research, our experts analyse thousands of investment funds according to the "Best in Class" principle before they are selected for your investment.

  Thanks to our open architecture, we can find and consider the best fund managers in the world.

Investement in passive

Investement Advisory

  BMC focus on global research and investment expertise

  We Offer a risk targeted portfolio service as an effective and efficient way of providing high-quality multi asset investment management