Our Investment Approach

We have access to global markets focusing on short, medium and long-term time horizons. We concentrate on a macroeconomic and active approach to asset allocation using a mix of traditional and alternative asset classes to manage and diversify risk.

Our investments are carefully selected based on fundamental and valuation analysis, while taking into consideration the technical aspect of the markets.
We focus on high quality equity opportunities, with positive EPS growth, strong balance sheets, solid margins and attractive income generation. We manage investment risk by providing our own in-house long/short equity portfolio model based on current market dynamics and risk appetite of different clients.

Fixed income investments include investment grade debt, high-yield corporate bonds and government debt. Our investment approach is based on our economic outlook, we will determine the portfolio’s duration and which asset classes and sectors we overweight, underweight or stay neutral. Our bottom-up analysis of the corporate bond markets complements our top down view.